How to Construct a Simple Garage Pole Barn style

How to construct a simple pole barn garage is easier than building any other type of a garage. It utilizes basic building techniques to makes it sturdy.

With your new pole barn garage plans, the first thing you must do is to select a suitable building site. Check the composition of the soil on the site you have chosen. Sand and gravel soils may be preferred. The site should be flat so that it can easily be accessed by drivers.  The next thing you must do is to lay out the dimensions of the garage and mark the corners.  You must then mark the location of the door and indicate how it will be opened

You must secure the relevant permits depending on the laws of your state. The basic permits that you should secure include electrical permits and plumbing permits.Your local building officials should advise you on the pole embedding requirements which will mostly depend on the soil at the site you have chosen.

You may lay the building lines using a tape measure and have the batter boards set at each corner. Place the boards 4 feet from the corner and set a string tightly between the boards to help you locate the corner posts and side posts. Ensure that you check whether the building is square or not.

You need to dig holes 4 ½ feet deep at all the corners and fill it with concrete to about 6 inches. You may then set posts in the holes and use a 2-by 4   inch braces to hold the plumb. Backfill the soil and ensure that it is tightly compacted.  You can then dig holes between the corners. The holes may be 10 feet apart but if you have a plan, you better use the spacing specified in the plan.

After filling all the holes with posts, nail skirt boards around the bottom of the posts to ensure that your pole barn garage remains strong. Carefully install the boards but ensure that you leave some space for the door. The girt boards must be well spaced up the walls. The boards may be bolted on the posts using ½ -inch bolts.

The room trusses must be assembled according to the building plan. Each end of the building requires one truss.

Cut notches on the posts, set truss into the notches and secure them with bolts. You may set the trusses between the post and secure them using metal truss hangers.  Connect the trusses using roof supporters. They should be spaced at a distance of 2 feet or as specified in your plan. Cross bracing may be used to reinforce the trusses at each end.

Lastly, buy the required metal roofs and wall panels as specified in your plan and have them nailed on the purloins. The metal walls must be nailed on the girt boards as well.  You must ensure that your pole barn garage is completed by pouring gravel concrete to the floor before installing a garage door.

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