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Everything you need to know about pole barn houses

The building process can be done in many different ways in constructing any pole barn houses. You always have complete control over how you want your pole barn house  to look.

Building a pole barn house there is a variety of building systems that provide you with a complete pole barn plans instructions and everything to get you up and going to construct your new pole barn house. If you simply take a look at what pole barn house plans and prices are offered out there you are you’re going to have a better idea of the construction process, and you’ll find the right project to start. By looking at the different Pole barn home kits that are offered by the different contractors you will have a better idea of what you want to build.

This site offers you a choice of traditional pole barn plans as well as non-traditional barn plans. Look in our link information section for offers, plans, and kits for what you want to build. So go ahead and browse the link above. You might be surprised to find what would work for your property.

A pole barn house is a great idea keeping to its original trendy country style is the most economical and environmentally friendly option. It is the most flexible if you want to make changes in the future, with its open floor plans and tall floor-to-ceiling lends itself to custom-designed space.

pole barn houseif you are unsure of what type of pole barn house you’d like to build then this site is probably going to be for you. The pole barn house designs are one easy place to sort through. You can decide if you want a traditional style pole barn house or go with non-traditional style. Whatever works for you, you can hopefully find it here.

Searching for pole barn house kits in your area is simplified by doing a search for companies. This website allows you to quickly and efficiently look for the company’s information and further research. Whether you want to build from a pole barn home kit yourself or have the supplier build it for you.

You do have choices when it comes to residential pole building plans. One option is pole barn kits that include materials, (which many of the manufacturers will install for you). You can also buy the materials and hire a carpenter for construction, and your final option is to build-it-yourself via a pole barn house kit ( which means you buy the materials and put it up yourself). To make it even more custom to your liking would be to salvage reclaimed or inexpensive materials make the project even cheaper.

One of the big draws to constructing a post frame style building is the foundation, which means a foundation is not necessary, but foundational concrete as you know can account for more than 15% of the total cost of construction. Another advantage would be a wider truss spacing, which gives you more room than between traditional building studs.

The sky is the limit when it comes to pole barn houses. Pole barn kits are a great way to get any structure up and going fast for the DIYers, and many consumers are doing it themselves. Maybe you need a new garage, shop, second home, first home, barn or business. Here are some of the ideas for you to check out.

No matter the type of pole barn kit you choose, you’re are going to have to paint and stain the surface of your barn this is worth every penny because it will extend the life of your pole barn house and this will help the look of your barn for many years.

Different kinds of barn plans

Simple choices that range from simple to classic architectural barn plans. Different type of barn plans are available for whatever your needs may be.

For the DIY there is a wide range of plans available on the market that can range from pole shed house plans to pole barn house floor plans and prices. Make sure when purchasing your plans to check that you are getting properly scaled and diagrammed plans with instructions.

Here are some pole barn house plans which you can have drawn up to your own design. Other uses for a pole barn include a workshop or a small home business, and you should consider putting in more thought into your floor plan before building.

The first stage of the process should determine how much sq footage you need, and one that is within your budget. Costs of any pole barn house can be difficult to determine as so much depends on how big it is and how you design your home.

You would also want to have your own wish list of what you would like to see your home look like inside. How many bedrooms, baths, study, formal dining room or large kitchen etc. The size of the rooms will determine the size of your home before you know your costs.

After you have purchased your barn plans, then we start to draw up your floor plans to attempt to fit your home requirements, but there is a place that incorporates this into their plans.

Pole and Barn Plans For those living in a rural setting, our Pole Barn plan offers a practical solution for sheltering vehicles, boats and farming equipment. This versatile plan offers two design options – economy or deluxe – and can be built in five different size configurations.

Here’s a collection of 153 pole barn plans for any purpose: livestock shelter, horse, storage, garage, or anything else. Most of them are in PDF format. Click here to save.

Pole building design were pioneered in the 1930s in the United States originally using utility poles for horse barns and agricultural buildings, and in some cases, people converted these designs into cheap housing facilities which made this type of construction process more affordable and reliable.

Some cost-cutting options

Ponderosa Country BarnThe majority of pole barn house plans do not take a basement, or concrete slab into the overall design, so make a checklist of things you want or need when planning. Some pole barn houses are built with a concrete floor, or with a graveled surface with poles spaced at regular intervals around the perimeter. Another method of construction would be to space the poles at intervals and then use traditional raised floor above the ground. I would opt for the raised floor system just because of access to the plumbing and wiring, but there is nothing wrong with a concrete floor.

Calling your building department in your area would be the first essential step before purchasing any kind of pole barn house kit. The company making the kit would need to know the specific details and load requirements The types of building code in your area may require many questions that will help the company customize your order to meet those requirements. Some places may not even require building permits, and the only way to know is by contacting your local building department.

It can get complicated when you start talking about the finished cost of a pole barn house. Things to consider in your budget should include things like what kind of foundation. These costs are usually made outside of the pole barn kit purchase. Permits can also run a small fee which you must keep in mind. All states vary on what requirements and fees are associated when trying to get a permit to build.

Another option is steel frame buildings or clear span buildings that are a popular option for people needing another building on their property. These metal buildings are durable and don’t use any wood which means they less prone to issues like rot or mold.

Look to the internet for design ideas of residential pole buildings “Google” look for something that stands out to your liking, do a search for “Metal Building Home Designs”, or metal buildings; and then go through each of the results and bookmark the ones that look the best to you. You may not want to copy a building outright, but you could mix together ideas you find from a few different images. The goal is to make the building into something you worked hard to put together and that looks nice whether you are on the inside or the outside of it.

Building homes are very expensive. It not only requires a lot of building materials or manpower. Building codes and permits are required. This can be hectic or strenuous for some people to afford. This is one of the reasons pole barn houses emerged. Pole barn houses are both affordable and easy to build.

Most people find it difficult to differentiate between the pole barn house and normal houses. Are you one of them? If yes, worry not, we are going to give you insight details and help you understand the difference. Pole barn houses can be traced way back in a memorial. They were used by farmers to store various types of equipment.

pole barn homesThe main difference between a normal house and a pole barn is that a pole barn requires no foundation, and It mostly comprises of aluminum or steel poles. They are used to provide support to the poles.

Understanding pole barn houses before you build

As earlier stated pole houses don’t require any foundation. However; it requires planning. This ranges from pole barn house floor planning and space required. A person also needs to estimate the number of materials required to complete the structure.

Pole barn houses use different pole barn house floor plans, depending on a person’s preference. These designs and plans can be adjusted to meet your family’s needs. There are those who prefer hardwood flooring, whereas there are those who choose concrete or tiles. Either way, it is important to carefully plan everything before commencing the building process. This applies to foundation, walls and installing heaters or insulators.

How much do pole barn houses cost?

There are many people who are constantly researching how much pole barn houses cost. There are no specific answers to this question. There are certain factors that determine how much you will pay for your house, namely:

  • The surface area you wish to build your pole barn house. Surface area determines the number of materials you need.
  • If you are building the house on your own or if you are hiring professional experts.
  • Your preferred design. There are some designs that are simple and easy to construct, whereas there are those that are difficult to construct. In such cases, a person is advised to hire professional contractors to handle the task on your behalf.

Advantages of pole Barn houses

Pole barn houses are gaining popularity at a very high rate. Let us look at some factors that make people prefer them to normal houses:

  • Cost of construction-As earlier stated normal houses are quite expensive to construct. It has been practically proven that barn houses are simple and affordable to construct compared to normal houses.
  • Time conscious-These house is perfect for those who need to build a shelter within a small period. It all depends on the selected design.
  • Pole barn homes can be custom made to suit a person’s specific needs.
  • These homes are easy to insulate. A person doesn’t have to worry about heat transfer from one place to another.


There are some people who are confused on the roofing to set on their pole barn houses. Roofing is a critical process as it plays a vital role in determining how your house will look like. Professional constructors advise people to use metal roofing.

Metal roofing is mostly preferred because other roofing materials age faster and need to be replaced or repaired quite often. Metal roofs last longer, depending on the selected brand. That’s not all; a person has a wide range of metallic roof to choose from. In addition to this, metallic roofs are known to be wind resistant.

Pole barn houses are similar to normal houses in that they need to meet certain safety standards. This is one of the reasons it is advised to hire experts. You need to use different techniques and criterion to ensure you hire highly trained and certified foremen. There have been many cases where pole barns houses have collapsed and caused serious injuries to owners and their loved ones.

You can ask for documents and certificates that allow them to operate. You should look for contractors with a lot of experience in pole barn houses. Such agencies have experience when it comes to handling and designing various construction tasks. Based on the above information; it is evident pole barn houses have a bright future in the construction industry.

Benefits of Pole Barns That May Change Your Perspective

There are many reasons why pole barns are trending on various online platforms. Pole barn houses have been named the future of construction industry. There are many reasons behind the above statement. Before getting into details, let us start off by understanding what are pole barns?

pole barn homeThese are forms of houses, which are different from normal ones in various ways. Here are a few reasons that make pole barns different from other houses:

  • They don’t require any foundation. This means it can be built within a day or two, depending on its complexity.
  • As its name suggests; it is supported by poles, unlike normal houses which are supported by its foundation.

As we all know; normal houses are difficult to construct. They require various things ranging from permit, building materials, contractor among others experts. In the long run, a person ends up spending a lot of money. Lastly, normal houses require a lot of time to construct.

Pole barns  are very different from normal houses in that they are very affordable to construct compared to normal houses. Secondly, a person can build a temporary pole barn house, unlike normal houses. That’s not all; the building materials are quite affordable. Lastly, it is easy to build your own pole barn.

Pole barn packages

Different contractors offer their own pole barn packages. It is important to go through the listed packages and choose the one that meets your needs. Packages vary in terms of designs and cost. There are some contractors who custom make packages. Pole barns must meet certain set requirements. This is one of the reasons you need to hire an experienced contractor to help you meet the set requirements.

There are many techniques a person can use to find a perfect contractor. You can ask recommendations from friends and family members. Alternatively, you can take an initiative to look for a perfect contractor. It is advisable to choose a contractor that has been in the industry for a long time.

Things to avoid when building Pole Barns

Safety is very important in any construction. There have been many previous cases where some pole barns houses had collapsed and caused serious injuries on owners and their families.  Here are some things you need to avoid when building your own pole barn house:

Most people think building pole barn is an easy task that can be completed within a day. That’s not the case, anyone building a pole barn for the first time needs to understand there is a certain learning curve procedure that needs to be learned. This is one of the commonest mistakes beginners make when building their own barn homes.

There are some people who end up guessing wrong materials to use. Multiple building materials are used to build pole barns. In the process, a person might get confused on the where to place a particular material. This is very dangerous as it can make the entire structure collapse. A first time builder must request supervision or help from a more experienced person.

People make a big mistake by going for cheap and easy building materials. This is very risky. Don’t buy a material in order to save time and money. Poor building materials will result into poor construction building. It is important to confirm all building materials have met the required building standard. Don’t buy a material for the sake of buying. You might end up spending a lot of money in the long run.

A plan is very important. It helps you or a contractor know what to build. Some people have a habit of not having a plan when building a pole barn, simply because they are easy to build. This is a huge mistake. A plan prevents a person from building lousy structures that are not safe for human inhabitance. Planning ahead will help you come up with a designed structure.

How much does a pole barn cost?

This is a commonly asked question by those planning to build or own their own pole barn. There is no specific answer to this question. The pole barn prices vary depending on certain factors. They range from the selected design and the contractors you hire to build your house or you can find kits.

There is no doubt pole barns have a bright future in the market. They are worth checking out when you want a custom home.

Metal Building Home Design Ideas That Stand Out

Tips For Metal Building Home Design Ideas

If you want to learn about metal building homes, you’re in the right place. There are a lot of places to find ideas, and you’ll learn where to look here. Then, you can take ideas and make them your own by putting your own style into them.

metal building homeLook on the internet for design ideas of buildings “Google” look for something that stands out to your liking, do a search for Metal Building Home Designs, or metal buildings; and then go through each of the results and bookmark the ones that look the best to you. You may not want to copy a building outright, but you could mix together ideas you get from a few different images. The goal is to make the building into something you worked hard to put together and that looks nice whether you are on the inside or the outside of it.

There are a lot of building designs that you can look at through magazines and in books. Just go to a local library to see what kind of books they have on metal buildings or buildings in general. You may also be able to find magazines and books at a local store with ideas and images in them. Take a notebook and make lists of what you’re interested in and where you got the ideas from. Then, you can run these ideas by a building professional to see if they are going to work out in the end for you.

A home is not going to be that nice to live in if you don’t have a professional help you to build it. When you want to find a builder, you’re going to need to make sure they have done this work in the past. They also need to be charging a fair rate, so you need to look into what the normal price is in the area that you should expect to pay. The more cautious you are with this, the better things will go for you because you’ll be able to know the person you choose knows what they are doing.

These buildings have to be put together by a team of professionals. You need to run any ideas you may have by a building company or a professional of some kind to make sure it will even work out for you. Sometimes you’ll find that some of the ideas you find are not that realistic and if they tell you that is the case you know not to move forward. It’s better to be careful than to waste a lot of time on ideas that aren’t going to work out in the end for you.

Metal building home design ideas are easy to find out more about. All you have to do is use what information you’ve gathered already, and once you find the right design, you’ll know it because it will meet all of the requirements you have in mind for your home design.

Why Are People talking about Barndominium’s?

Why Are Barndominium’s Famous?

Everywhere you look you see someone talking about owning a barn style home, and you may be wondering exactly why barndominium’s are so famous. In the past, allot of these barn style houses were generally used exclusively for garages and workshops and barns, or places for your livestock on the farm. Now, more and more people are beginning to convert these buildings into beautiful homes.

More Than a Barn

barndominium kitsOne of the more popular trends in America today is to go to convert that old barn into luxury living quarters.  Construction of these types buildings are very basic with little insulation or none at all, so the conversion can be extensive and yet the end result is something that is very rewarding. Organizing your living quarters can be more creative with all the space you’re given

What Is A Barndominium?

It is basically a pole barn that has gone through a conversion to make it into your new living quarters or residence.  A barndominium has all the traditional comforts and amenities that are found in any other home but a more flexible and creative twist. Pole barns are large enough that allows you to use the bottom floors wide open space as a dual purpose space such as a garage and workshop, and add a second floor where you can have living quarters.

Other homeowners will make it into a place of luxurious surroundings. The concrete floors will be beautifully stained and the ceilings will be high and they will have these tremendously large sliding doors that make it a unique luxurious living space. Still, others will turn this into a retreat or a hunting lodge.

What Are The Benefits?

One of the biggest benefits is the fact that they are very affordable. As well as being substantially lower in cost to build, they also will typically have lower tax rates and lower insurance costs and more customization. These buildings can come in kits and this makes them faster and easier to construct. For those that are inclined to do some things themselves, it can further reduce the overall costs of erecting this type of home.

One of the biggest aspects of this type of building that makes it very popular is the fact that the post frame design allows the homeowner to decide where the wall should be and how the interior should be designed. If someone wants a wide open space it’s easily achievable and yet for another person, they may want many individual rooms and that is equally achievable.

Barndominium’s are a residential home concept that is here to stay. More and more people are finding them a popular style home that is affordable.  You can design your home to be the way they want it if you are looking to build a new home, look no further.

Barndominium floor plans with garage