Why Are People talking about Barndominium’s?

Why Are Barndominium’s Famous?

Everywhere you look you see someone talking about owning a barn style home, and you may be wondering exactly why barndominium’s are so famous. In the past, allot of these barn style houses were generally used exclusively for garages and workshops and barns, or places for your livestock on the farm. Now, more and more people are beginning to convert these buildings into beautiful homes.

As you know it can cost quite a bit to build a home, but there is an alternative by building a pole barn style home instead. The cost of a barndominium is much more cost effective than building the average house. This is something that has become more mainstream when considering a new home. This is something that enables you to build an affordable house, and there are many kits and contractors out there to choose from.

More Than a Barn

One of the more popular trends in America today is to go to convert that old barn into luxury living quarters.  Construction of these types buildings are very basic with little insulation or none at all, so the conversion can be extensive and yet the end result is something that is very rewarding. Organizing your living quarters can be more creative with all the space you’re given

What Is A Barndominium?

It is basically a pole barn that has gone through a conversion to make it into your new living quarters or residence.  A barndominium has all the traditional comforts and amenities that are found in any other home but a more flexible and creative twist. Pole barns are large enough that allows you to use the bottom floors wide open space as a dual purpose space such as a garage and workshop, and add a second floor where you can have living quarters.

Other homeowners will make it into a place of luxurious surroundings. The concrete floors will be beautifully stained and the ceilings will be high and they will have these tremendously large sliding doors that make it a unique luxurious living space. Still, others will turn this into a retreat or a hunting lodge.

What Are The Benefits?

One of the biggest benefits is the fact that they are very affordable. As well as being substantially lower in cost to build, they also will typically have lower tax rates and lower insurance costs and more customization. These buildings can come in kits and this makes them faster and easier to construct. For those that are inclined to do some things themselves, it can further reduce the overall costs of erecting this type of home.

One of the biggest aspects of this type of building that makes it very popular is the fact that the post frame design allows the homeowner to decide where the wall should be and how the interior should be designed. If someone wants a wide open space it’s easily achievable and yet for another person, they may want many individual rooms and that is equally achievable.

Barndominium’s are a residential home concept that is here to stay. More and more people are finding them a popular style home that is affordable.  You can design your home to be the way they want it if you are looking to build a new home, look no further.

Barndominium floor plans with garage