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Pole Barn Houses Are Easy to Construct

A pole building is just another way to make the necessary framework for a building that can support and frame all the various loads and elements that a building requires. You can have a pole barn house that will have siding and roofing that can match any other home in your neighborhood.

Pole barn house plans offer a lot of flexibility in the internal arrangement of spaces. In this method of constructi that uses posts and frames, you will find no load bearing walls or any other interior supports. This method gives an open floor plan for the enclosed area that can be adapted in any way to address the specific requirements that any homeowner will have. A pole barn has a mainly wooden structure and has wooden posts that make up their support structure. Space on which you build a pole barn house must be flat and have ground that is well consolidated with adequate drainage all around the plot. It can always help if the area you build on is raised from the rest of the property so that waterlogging can never be a problem.

build your own pole barn house

You can buy pole barn house plans or even acquire complete kits for a pole barn, once you have decided the size that you are comfortable with. You can always make designs and arrange all materials on your own. Visiting a scrap yard or recycling facility can often yield material that can be used for a pole barn house, and this can save you a lot of money. The wood that you select must be well seasoned and preferably treated. The standard spacing for poles is between 10 and 12 feet. The height of the posts will depend on your requirement. The posts need to be well embedded into the ground and must be erected vertically. Use temporary props to ensure the verticality before you fill the holes around the poles with concrete. It is best to establish the corners of a pole barn house before you lay the intermediate poles. Care needs to be taken to ensure that corner posts are square, and diagonal dimensions checked to ensure this.

The poles can then be connected with rafters made of planks or two by fours. This banding gives a complete rigidity to the structure. The pole barn is then ready to receive the roof. Roofs for pole barn houses can be flat and slope from the front to the back, or you can have a gable roof that will give you a lot of additional height within your structure. Any roof that you build must extend well beyond the poles so that the rain is kept away from the foundations. Pole barn house plans are also available that can use different roof configurations to give you a home that can be distinctive. The trusses for the roof must rest on the posts and must be braced with each other to give additional strength to the structure.

Your structure is then ready for its flooring, siding and any roof covering that you desire. Your enclosed space can then be designed to provide rooms and other partitions through the use of drywall or other techniques.

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The Pole Barn Plans For Homes Look Very Nice

When many people hear about pole barn homes, they don’t know that these can make great homes. You can build all types of buildings, and a dream home is definitely one of them. They are supposed to be inexpensive compared to building a traditional home, and then there is the part where people can put their own pole barn plans together.

best pole barn homesI’m not sure if I would be able to put my house together like it’s a model car, but I’d give it a try, with some big help. It would still save you money if you think about it, and the pictures do look very nice.

A Consumer’s Guide to Barn Homes

Barn homes feature warmth and character reminiscent of a mountain lodge; however, it is a much more economical choice. With their tall roofs and open floor plans, a barn home allows you to create an open, airy and inviting home to share with your friends and loved ones.

Do you want a home that stands out from the crowd? If so, look no further than having a barn home. This type of home uses rustic timber to create a home you can be proud of.

To maximize your space, an open concept floor plan allows you to welcome guests and enjoy their company throughout your home. Whether you choose a grand great room with a stone stacked fireplace or a family styled eat-in kitchen, you can easily entertain your guests.

Because of the barn’s height, the home can be easily transformed into a 1, 1 and 1/2 or 2 story home. With a one-story home, your ceiling heights will be staggering, ranging from 20 to 25 feet high. If you prefer lower ceilings in part of the home, choose a 1 and 1/2 story home. Even a 2 story home will give you 10 to 12 feet high ceilings if it is properly planned.

Because of the openness and height of the ceilings, you will want to insulate your barn home well. A barn structure is often built using 2 by 6 lumber which allows plenty of space to really pack in the insulation. This will help your home stay toasty warm in the winter and cool and inviting in the summer months.

There are numerous advantages to pole barn homes, including a one of a kind home that your neighbors will be envious of, soaring ceilings, open floor plans and more. Be adventurous and have a custom built barn home built on your property.

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The Beauty of Barn Homes

Pole Barn homes offer the ultimate in rustic, period living for people who want to live in the countryside and who want something that little bit different.

building your own pole barn homeYou have a few options when it comes to living in a barn home – you can opt for a barn conversion, or you can get a modern property that is built in the style of a barn, with a similar floor plan and a rustic timber construction, but without any of the restrictions that come with living in a barn proper.

One thing that a lot of people don’t realise when they move into a real barn is that depending on the area they live in, and the age of the barn, they could actually be opting for a property that will be very expensive to maintain, and one that they would not be allowed to do much with.

Period properties are often restricted in that you would not be allowed to completely replace the roof with new materials, for example. In addition, in conservation areas, the materials you work with and even the color of the walls, doors, or roof, may be limited to whatever is already present in the area.

While you might like the idea of living in a period barn homes right now, once you find out how much a traditional thatched roof costs to maintain you might change your mind.

Buying a new property that is made in the style of a barn, with timber frames and a thatched-look roof, but superior insulation is a much better option than a period property.

You don’t even have to make your barn home your period home if you don’t want to – you can use them as a ‘granny flat’ or even your own guest home or man-cave. Some self-employed people use them as their own offices, rather than having a shed office or a spare room. They can make great gyms too, since they are large open spaces, and they can be configured in any way you want.

Think carefully about your lighting option s- clerestory windows are a good way to make a bright and airy apartment, for example, and will make the barn feel more like a resident than a ‘warehouse’ type structure. Your only limitation with the design when you build your own property is your imagination, and what you are willing to plan for.

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Designing And Building Pole Barns

Drive down any scenic rural highway and chances are you will see a pole barn house located on a farm. These versatile buildings are used all over the world to store hay, cover equipment, and provide shelter for animals. Pole barns are also called post-frame buildings. The term pole barns was originally used because builders and farmers used poles which looked like telephone poles as the support for the roof of the building. Today, most pole barns are built using square pillars instead of round poles because the pillars are easier to work with. These square columns or pillars are often laminated, producing much stronger support for the pole barn roof.

building pole barns plansThe original pole barns were not as well-engineered as the buildings of today. They may have been built without a plan, perhaps with just a rough idea of design and dimensions. Whatever the purpose, the pole barn or post frame building serves a variety of purposes, especially on a farm. To build one of these buildings, it is a good idea to follow certain steps.

Know the codes. No matter what type of building you may be putting up, you should do your research and be well-informed on all local, state, and federal building codes. It is a good idea to get this information before you start building.

Get it engineered. Even if you are putting up a simple building, you should ensure you have a plan drawn up with the right engineering specifications. The last thing you want is to get the columns or poles in place and then realize they are not adequate for the job. The poles or columns also need to be properly connected to the roof trusses and firmly and securely attached to the foundation of the building or embedded in the ground. If the building is not engineered correctly, the quality of your materials will not matter.

Know your site and the weather. Before you start building, analyze your site to determine if there will be any issues with the building. Also, analyze the weather and consider such things as snow loads and winds as you determine the right materials for your building.

Design and consistency. If you are building near an existing structure, you may want to ensure the design of the new pole barn fits in with the current structures. You may want to paint them the same color or enhance the new building with some of the same trim from the existing structure.

Design in good ventilation. No matter what you are planning to use the pole barn for, be sure and allow for good ventilation. If the building is being used to store hay or for horses, you want it to remain good and dry and allow odors to be removed and replaced with fresh air.

Building purpose. Whether you will be storing crops, covering equipment or housing horses, the purpose of the building must be considered as the building is designed. Know the purpose so that when you talk with the architect, they can help you design the right building for your needs


Pole Barn Cost Estimator & Pricing Calculator

Pole barn kits make it much easier to build your pole barn house overall, by giving you an inexpensive and quick way to build your next pole barn. Here are some ready-made pole barn house plans for more information go here

My New Pole Barn Kit

pole barn house kitsAfter weighing up the pros and cons of building a pole barn home, I’ve decided that it’s the right time to get my new project underway. My first idea was to design a pole barn house myself, but after realizing how affordable and convenient pole barn kits are – I quickly realized that it’s much smarter just to invest in a quality kit.

In particular, I’ve decided to order a metal pole barn kit. The company I choose promises to have the entire thing delivered within 2 to 4 weeks, and considering the amount of material that’s coming, combined with the great price I paid, I certainly can’t complain about the delay.

In general, the kit promises to be make from top quality materials, and it obviously comes with the complete structural blueprints and plans that are needed to correctly assemble my new pole barn home. Overall, I’m really excited about getting my new pole barn built – and I’m just waiting for all of the materials to finally arrive, so me and a few buddies can get to work with the assembly! The instructions are also available online, and it seems pretty simple to construct, so I can’t wait to get started.

Pole barn kits make it much easier to build your pole barn house overall, by giving you an inexpensive and quick way to build your next pole barn. Here are some ready-made pole barn house plans for more information go here

Post Beam Barn Plans For Sale

The pole barn home that are for sale can cover homes in the design of a barn, cabins, loft apartments, and any combination of upgrades that your imagination can come up with. In addition, there are storage barns, horse barns, barns for events, and party barn designs available.

One of the most popular plans are the pole barn home kits for sale. Barn homes feature full living accommodations with full-dimension timbers and rustic designs that will suit anyone’s fancies. The full dimension concept allows for materials that are much stronger than wood that you would normally get from a lumber yard.

This makes the barn home a much stronger building that will last and last, in addition to supplying a frame for a home that is very versatile and functional. The result of the building will amaze you with its ceilings that soar and the timber frame with its massive beam structure. The timeless effect of the rustic appeal of the building sets it apart from more conventional structures.

Of course, this is how barns are built anyway, to stand the test of time and be structurally strong. So why not use the same techniques to build your house? Well, now you can with a post and beam frame and shell, leaving you to fill in the rest of the house.

The barn home kits for sale for example include a full-sized post and beam frame, a booklet that guides you in the construction of the frame, custom plans for the foundation and construction, multiple options for insulation, exterior, and siding, systems for sub-flooring, heavy duty upgrades for lofts and stairs, guidance and consulting on the structure, and optional engineering of the structure.

You will have to provide preparation of the site, utility hookups, roofing materials, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC, doors and windows, drywall, interior finish, painting, wallpaper, flooring, and foundation and masonry.

The barn structure type of home goes way beyond your typical “log cabin” type of setup which has also become quite popular. This is much stronger and more majestic in its strength and overall appeal.

Additional accessories can also include wooden cupolas and weather vanes, widow’s peaks and hay hoods, hardware and plate upgrades, barn style lighting fixtures, additional insulation packages, barn doors that are handcrafted, and other specialized features.

In addition, you can have a custom design made with your own input, so to get exactly what you want. You can also arrange to have your barn home erected by experts instead of doing it yourself if you wish.

What Are Your Pole Barn Construction Ideas?

How do you know when it’s right?

For centuries there have been various forms of pole barns that have been built for shelter. Pole barn structures are built using poles as a basic framing structure which takes the load of the walls and the roof. Poles are rooted in the earth for rigidity which in turn help build strength around the structure. These same technique has always been used for centuries, and even though there may be a number of pole barn ideas with different plans and kits available, they still follow the same basic principles for building all pole barn with living quarters.

Over time, the materials covering most barns may have changed, from the original leaves, straw and animal skins which our ancestors used, to wood, metal, aluminum, plastic, and other modern synthetic sheeting materials. Pole building homes have always been popular because of their reliable means of providing shelter and storage, and require little money to construct. They can be built without any foundations or excavating of earth and most of these structures retain their original mud floors, and these are found to be very suitable for the function that most barns are built for.

pole barn ideas

Timber frame barn kits serve as a great shelter for your animals, which allow you to build a number of stalls. There are plenty of ready-made plans which will give you a complete list of the materials as well as instructions that are required to construct your barns. This makes building much more stress free. Some of these plans will even offer a list of tools that you will need so that once you start there is no need not stop until your barn is complete.

Remember the poles serve as your framing members that get put into the ground to make for a firm foundation. It is best to use an auger to drill the holes to the required sizes and depth in the ground so that you do not have to do any digging. The poles can be made firmer with concrete by filling the gaps around the pole to secure it on the ground. The poles must go to a sufficient depth so that the structure formed can resist any wind uplifting pressures.

The roof on your structure should be allowed to slope to the front or back so that all water or snow is able to run off easily, and care should be taken to give your roof sufficient overhang so that the water does not fall near the pole foundations and weaken your structure. You can, of course, go in for different types of roofs, but this can make it more expensive when planning the framing of the roof.

Pole Shed Plans For Garden Supplies

looking for extra storage space in your yard? Pole shed plans can make a nice choice

Any shed you build should be strong and robust, and well able to secure the things that you hold inside. You will do well to have good pole shed kits which can certainly help you to put together the necessary storage space for all of your things, with a reasonable cost.

One can certainly go with steel sheds, which could even turn out to be much less expensive, but timber adds a nice-looking element to the landscape, and can even be made to emulate your own house, that will totally blend with the environment. Pole sheds are simply a place to hold all your tools and machinery, and if it’s manufactured from wood which could be quite strong. Wood can also be painted or stained, and this supplies you with a chance to ensure that your shed will always match the exterior of your house.

The advantage of buying wood frame shed kits is that they permit you to construct the precise size that you want. Choosing the proper shed plans ensures that you have all the supplies available, together with the step by step instructions to erect your garden shed to finalization.

Of course, you’ll need to make sure before buying any pole shed kit, that such constructions are authorized in your local zoning laws before you lay out any money for a shed.

Your shed kit should have all the supplies necessary for its building, including detailed information on how to assemble it.

Be sure you put in place any foundations if suggested, and make sure that you are placing your shed in a place which will by no means get flooded. Kits will most likely come unpainted, and you will need to complete this job once you’re done.

Make certain you use house paints and finishes which can give you many years of service. My best suggestion would be professional guidance when painting your garden shed. This will certainly ensure that your shed will give you lots of years of use. Click here NOW for your FREE plans

Pole Barn Home Plans

Create your New House, Garage, Hobby Shop, Or Shed”

Pole barn house plans make it much easier to build overall while giving you an inexpensive and quick way to build your next house. Here are your readymade pole barn house plans and blueprints.

Pole Barn Plans

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